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A better base water makes a better product, and it is one of our strongest attributes. We utilize West Coast Co-Packer Proprietary & Patent Pending Water Treatment Technology, which gives us the ability to manipulate the structure of water and its properties. Some of the core benefits are increased pH levels, enhancement with electrolytes, an increased Oxygen content, along with a micro-clustered structure for antioxidant properties to increase bioavailability.

Diverse Electrolysis Applications

Our production lines are built to be extremely diverse in capabilities to accommodate the many different applications to apply our technology to. We can run infused batches into large format bottles for the Food Service Industry, or small single serve beverages, or into sachets for a CBD hot sauce. We have many options in emulsification and high shear blending, allowing us to produce products ranging from concentrates to beverages, whole berries in jars, to cocktail mixes, sauces, salsas and beyond. If its liquid and goes in a bottle, jar, or sachet, odds are we can probably pack it.

The Ultimate Health & Wellness Water ®

Our water technology reduces the structure size of water through electrolysis, and we believe the reduced structure size provides a more efficient delivery mechanism. We have 4 clinical studies (and counting) to back the efficacy of our water, and we apply this water technology as often as we can as a base for many of our CBD products. It is The Ultimate Health & Wellness Water.