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We are a one stop shop for all aspects of bringing your food and beverage products to life.



West Coast CoPacker provides A to Z services including food & beverage packaging and formulation development, costing analysis, nutritional paneling, regulatory and compliance assistance, product certifications, and FDA registration. We are a certified FDA processing facility, which is HACCP compliant. We are a one stop shop for all aspects of bringing your food and beverage products to life.

Our in-house formulators and lab work allow us to replicate that secret recipe or ensure that your existing products maintain that same level of quality your customers have grown to love.Whether we are matching an existing product or creating a new one, we run down a standardized process that our clients appreciate, and features tight quality controls, and traceability from start to finish.

West Coast Copackers offers a range of product certifications and can assist our clients in clearing all of the regulatory requirements to help tell an even better story about what your product is doing to stand above the rest.


Packaging Options

Our packaging options are as diverse as the products we produce. With multiple filling and labeling systems available, we can pack in almost any bottle, jar, or sachet and enable our customers to make an impact on the shelf for health-conscious consumers.


Sourcing & Procurement

We can assist in sourcing and procurement of that perfect package and unmistakable ingredients that will set your product above all others. We typically see products packaged in one of two ways, either hot filled or cold filled. Products are cold filled and usually preserved to extend shelf life. The other is typically hot packed or pasteurized for products that are produced naturally or certified organic.